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Saturday 20 August 2016

Donations - 2016

If you would like to read my weekly blog contact me via twitter or comment and I sent you link. To protect the people I work with the blog is access controlled.

My garage is overflowing, local distribution has slowed as compared to summer/autumn 2015 only 80 asylum seekers are currently arriving in Trier. Last year at peak times it was 800 per day. I like to shift most donations soon and keep a good selection to pass one to those in need when I get contacted.

currently MOSTLY needed TIME and ...

===always needed, please deliver Niederkircher Straße 6, weekdays from 9 am onwards===

  • travel bags, suitcases, large sturdy reusable shopping bags
  • ladies leggings
  • prams and pushchairs
  • (indoor) sports shoes for all
  • men's clothes XS-M
  • men's shoes, fit for the season
  • summer clothes for all

Info in German

Some of my activities include:

  • translating & explaining official letters
  • writing appeals against government decisions
  • drinking tea ;) and eating delicious food
  • just listening
  • liaising with a school teacher
  • liaising with social services
  • liaising with doctors to explain diagnosis
  • enquiries at the BAMF ministry in person
  • teaching German
  • explaining German culture and custom
  • making doctors' appointments
  • looking for flats and making phone calls
  • supporting via WhatsApp on all life decisions, however trivial as they are sometimes too overwhelmed and just need a bit of reassurance
  • occasional packing clothes donation and toy bags for kids or adults

Sunday 13 December 2015

Balu und Du | Baloo and you

For the year 2014/15 I took part in a unique mentoring project for primary school children in Germany. I had a fab fun year with an 8 year old and carry many fond memories in my heart.

Wednesday 19 August 2015

How and When

Actively helping the many refugees arriving in my home town of Trier started on Wednesday 19th August 2015 in Trier. I visited an event organised by 'Trier fuer Alle' in the Exhaus in Trier. Here I gathered all the information I needed to start volunteering and get out there. The situation had become unattainable, the refugee centre was overcrowded, tensions high, refugees sleeping outside. An incident of domestic violence had cost a life. Something had to be done and about 200 people had come together to brain storm, network, get organised.

Since then I have been working many hours every week meeting and greeting newcomers, listening, sorting, gathering information, acquiring donations, guiding newcomers through the city, giving explanations and help them finding their way around life in Germany. This includes explaining recycling, public order rules about quiet times, getting stamps, shop opening times, traffic rules and and and.